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I love being creative and web design is one of my creative outlets in addition to the healing arts of acupuncture, playing guitar, and family fun being a husband and a fun dad with my kids.

I started getting into corporate web development and database integration back in the early 1990’s. Although my career paths have changed I still love to do web design.

I’ve kept up with changes in the internet over the years to manage my own website for my holistic acupuncture and wellness center called Over the years I’ve learn the right tools to use to properly manage my website for my business. If you’re a business owner looking to create a full marketing presence on the internet I’m sure you’ll want to know about the easy and affordable tools I have found to make it happen.

When I first started out I was trying to find ways I could connect with people in a genuine way to educate them about my services. Local newspapers and periodicals offered limited possibilities and was too expensive. The telephone book was definitely out – with cell phones that whole yellow book thing became unusable. I did set up a website for myself but it had it’s limits. I still needed to help people find my site. I learned about best practices with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I integrated an automate newsletter emailing service. I learned how to integrate my website with social media. I learn how to write articles and create a blog on my website. I posted rich content that offered value by educating people on natural health tips and other important services that I offered.

My website and marketing tasks became a simple plug and play situation allowing me to spend more time serving my patients and less time on marketing.

I also realized that the foundation or the engine that my website sat on needed an upgrade. I found a new system that offers a strong foundation to build my website on. This new system offered an amazing amount of flexibility allowing me to make changes quickly and easily. Making changes to my site didn’t mean I had to start all over again. My website and marketing tasks became a simple plug and play situation so I can focused more on my services and less on my marketing.

There are many tools out there but I have found a unique set of marketing tools that are relatively inexpensive. Some of of them are even free! imagine that!

There is always something new to learn and that’s what excites me about web design. I’d like to share what I’ve learn with you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I can make it easy for you to manage. I promise you won’t have to know any special coding.

If you’re interested in a having a website designed for you’re specific business needs or you’re looking for a new look or perhaps you are interested in learning new marketing techniques to grow your business I can help.

Your first step is to gather the information you need to complete the contact and then request a FREE consult. The journey begins with one click. Let’s do this!

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Your website is the key marketing tool that is the bridge between your valuable services and the people who need them the most.




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