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Content Generation Made Easy!

So you wish you didn’t have to call your website administrator every time you wanted to make a change to your website, right? That gets expensive, right? Well why can’t you do it yourself? Don’t know how? What if I can design a website that can make it easy for you to update and add content in a simple and easy fashion. I can make it happen!

You wouldn’t have to know any special coding procedures. It can be as simple as writing text in a typical word processor on your computer like Microsoft word.

Check out this editing panel image below. Does it look familiar? B for bold, I for italic – you can type text in the window below the editing panel and then with 1 click you can format the text when your inside your website editor. After proof reading you simply click a button to publish the article and it appears on your website with the layout and website colors just like any other page on your website. You’ll also be able to change any page on your website in the same manner.

website editing panel

Think of the website design as a container for content. The container is the logo and colors that create borders around your content. When I design a website I am designing the container. You will have the ability to update, change and add content to the container.

It’ll look great and you’ll be in control.

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