educating is marketing with value

Educating is Marketing with Value!

If you’re like me then you probably don’t tend to gravitate towards the concept of marketing your services. I get it. Marketing that tries to lure or entice people into buying something just feels wrong – plain and simple.

As an acupuncturist, I knew I needed to get the word out there about my services but how without feeling bad about it. Word-of-mouth is great but when you’re starting out there’s not a lot of words coming out of a lot of mouths. This becomes a slow and challenging process. Taking out ads in newspapers are helpful but can be expensive.

I found a method that I have become comfortable with over the years. The thing I found challenging about the services I provide is that not many people understood what I do. I figured if I can help people understand what I do they could make a more educated choice in their health care needs. It’s a win-win situation. Educating is marketing with value.

The next question is – how can I educate people about my services? Answer: your website! Your website is so key to putting the word out there about your valuable services and products. Your website is the bridge that connects your skills/services/products to those who need them the most. That’s how people find most things nowadays.

Now, you probably are thinking that this sounds expensive and you don’t know how to make a website or update your content. It’s not expensive and it can be easy to update content. Sure, if you don’t understand how website are built or how they work you’ll need some education too but at a minimal cost compared to the endless benefits you’ll reap in doing so.

I can design a web site for you that looks modern and functionally optimized to get your message out there about what you do so people can find you and stay connected. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Once you have the web design structure laid out now it becomes easy to add and update content. It can be as easy as typing text in a word processing application on your computer. Type text, bold text, underline test, change font, change font size, make paragraphs, add photos – all by a click of a button. You won’t need to know any special coding.

Knowing you can easily add content now makes it easy for you to educate people on your services. You can write article on what you do. Yes, it may be new and awkward at first to write articles if you’re not use to it but who better to tell people what you do then you?

Here’s a tip: I always have lifestyle tips and diet suggestion with just about every patient I talk to. I always get into conversation about explaining their health issues based on TCM. So just start there. When ever you get into a great conversation with a patient and you feel you made a connection write it down. Obviously, it would be unethical to disclose names and get personal. You can simply write out the concept and perhaps make connections with readers out there in the blogosphere. Your article can potentially make connections and bring awareness to others out there struggling with the same issues.

Now that’s not marketing – that’s educating and offering valuable information and shinning the light of awareness on your valuable services.

Good stuff!

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