a picture is worht a thousand words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Stock Photos

Modify Stock Photos

Stock photos make your content more attractive and grab the attention of the reader but personalizing them is better for SEO (search engine optimization).

Many sites are using stock photos but you can modify your stock images to make them more unique and related to your content.

If you want to make your articles on your blog stand out in the search engines try using stock photos. Also, personalizing images can better convey the topic of your article and attract readers to your content.

Tip 1: Use images that are free to modify

Look for the proper permissions when modifying photos. Photos under the Creative Commons CC0 license give you the right to copy, modify, and distribute any photo – even for commercial purposes. You won’t need to ask for permission.

Here’s some resources that distribute free stock photos under the CC0 license:

Tip 2: Modify the Photo to Create a unique image for your personal brand.

Try these free online design tool resources below to modify and personalize images for your website.

Here are some tips to personalize and change images:

  • Use the above free online design tools to crop and reframe the photo.​
  • Add a filter or a colored overlay
  • Add text & your logo – add a specific message to accent your article or content.

Original Photo


Modified / Personalized Photo

a picture is worht a thousand words

Source: Check out this article for more info on using images –

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