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Is Your Web Design Responsive for SEO?

Is Your Web Design Responsive for Search Engine Optimization? If not your website will get ranked low in the search engine listings making it difficult for potential patients / customers / clients to find your services and products.

Responsive Design – computers, mobile cell phones and tablets have different screen dimensions and this can affect how your website is displayed. Some older website layouts and designs don’t fit well for these different dimensions. Having a responsive website means your web pages will recognize the device it’s being displayed on and will expand and shrink automatically to fit the dimensions of that particular device.

Having an older web design that is not
responsive can lower your ranking on search page listings. Your website may be knocked out of the listings all together for this one reason alone.

If your website is not responsive you may not get listed on google or other search engines. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is important to ensure your website gets ranked well to be listed at the top of the page. People search for services through various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. Think about how you search for things on the internet. Often times when I do a search I look at the top 3 or 4 items and if it’s not appealing to my interests I try different search words to find what I’m looking for. If your business isn’t listed at the top of the listing for your community people won’t even know it exists. Incorporating good SEO design into your website layout is important to have your website ranked high in the listing so people can find you.

TEST YOUR WEBSITE! A simple way to test if your website is responsive is to minimize the window to various sizes to simulate tablet and cell phone display sizes. Look at your website layout and see if it remains readable. Observe how the layout structure changes and make sure it still functions properly.

Test and see if your website is responsive by visiting this link –

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